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Message from the President

Well folks the ground hog saw his shadow so we have another month until Spring arrives as if we didn’t anyway. According to New York their ground hog did not see his shadow but then again they are somewhat strange anyway. Daylight savings time will be here before you know on 12 March. Kind of sounds like time to be thinking about going on cruises doesn’t it? Well you better be checking the air in your tires, changing the oil, filling up with gas and unplugging from the battery tenders and get ready to roll. We are looking at some cruises now for March, April and May now with dates and locations to be determined. If you have any suggestions and are willing to lead a cruise let us know. Don’t forget the MS Corvette Classic will be upon us before you know it. Now is the time to get out and start getting sponsors and silent auction items.

Now for new Corvette info:

General Motors has announced two new Corvettes for this year, the new ZR1 and the mid-engine Corvette. Keep in mind the information that follows is taken from several resources and hopefully they are more like Fox News and less like CNN, ABC and NBC in their reporting. The ZR1 was supposed to debut in January at the Detroit Car Show but was pushed until August at the Continental Tire Road Race Showcase. It will be a 2018 model that may be available in the fall. It will be powered by a new Code Name LT5 6.2 liter V8 naturally-aspirated dual overhead cam design with horsepower in the range of 750-755. The mid-engine Corvette will share the same power plant and will debut in January 2018 at the Detroit Car Show. It will be a C8 Corvette; however, the C7 will be produced through the 2021 production year. As it stands now the mid-engine Corvette will not replace the Corvette as we know it but will be an additional model. Rumor has it that the mid-engine Corvette could sell for around $155,000.

Safety Tip:

The headrest of car seats is deliberately kept detachable and sharp on the ends of the posts so that it can be used to break open the glass of a car in case of fire or other emergency. The car’s glass is kept easily breakable from inside. Very few people know about and thus can’t save themselves in case of emergencies.

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